With this issue, Voices of insight2050 has now published 20 articles in 2018 – many of them simple notices promoting insight2050 events and activities such as insight2050 academies and MORPC’s annual Summit on Sustainability.

But most were focused on projects and ideas that Central Ohio communities can learn from and emulate as local-government and business leaders prepare their communities to meet the population and demographic challenges coming to the region over the next three decades: sufficient housing for diverse populations; growth strategy; walkable neighborhoods; transportation and development on key corridors; the role of tax policy in preparing for growth; and more.

Much of what we’ve done with this e-newsletter thus far is data-based and quantitative, driven by the insight2050 Scenario Results Report. But our communities are made up of people, not numbers, so we want insight2050 to reflect quality of life. And we want to hear your ideas for stories that reflect the qualitative aspects of Central Ohio’s future. What challenges affect your community?

Where does affordable housing fit in your planning for 2050? What are the impacts on schools? How will you address walkability? Density? Lively streets and sidewalks? Quality design? Urban and suburban amenities? Is ice cream important to insight2050? Skateboards? Murals? Kiosks? Quirky, tiny, odd-shaped buildings? What is the role of agriculture in the region, and how do we maintain it?

We call it “Voices of insight2050” for a reason. We want the voices of the community leaders and innovators we quote in our articles. But we also want your voices in your own words. We want to hear you share your experiences in your communities, your observations, advice, lessons learned.

Share your ideas with Brian Williams and [email protected].