Insight2050 is focused on what Central Ohio should look like when today’s recent graduates, young professionals, and new parents are in charge of our local governments and institutions. It is about building for their future.

But are we building the future that Millennials and younger Central Ohioans envision?

Insight2050 wants to hear from Millennials, students, and young adults about your visions for the future. What should our transportation network look like? What options should we have? Are our neighborhoods getting too crowded? Are our school-system needs being met? How will workplaces evolve? Do we have sufficient parks and open space? How do we balance future needs and historic preservation? How can we ensure that housing is affordable?

What role might MORPC play to engage young Central Ohioans more fully in the plans and policies that will shape their future? How can we assist our next generations of leaders?

There are other questions. We want to hear them – and we want to hear your answers, suggestions and ideas. Contact Brian Williams, [email protected], with questions and comments.