Issue 6 | September 19, 2014

insight2050 utilizes a range of metrics to develop possible growth scenarios which help illustrate the impacts of different growth patterns in the region. The analysis behind insight2050 relies on the RapidFire model, developed by project consultants Calthorpe Associates.

The model considers three place types:

General Place Types




The development pattern of these place types differs by:

  • Intensity & Mix of Use
  • Walkability & Street Connectivity
  • Vehicle Use

The model varies the amount of each place type in four growth scenarios:

  • Past Trends – extending past development trends (from 1990) forward to 2050
  • Planned Future – reflecting and extending local plans with moderate infill/redevelopment
  • Focused Growth – informed by housing demand forecasts, with significant infill/redevelopment
  • Maximum Infill – informed by housing demand forecasts, with maximum infill/redevelopment in existing corridors and city centers

Because the scenarios accommodate new growth with different proportions of the three place types, the scenarios vary in performance across a wide range of metrics covering transportation, local government finances, the environment, and public health.

The scenarios are intended to illustrate the differing impacts of varying future growth patterns, and are not meant to serve as a prescriptive vision or plan for the region.