Central Ohio communities are showing interest in conceptual development projects and strategies to provide more transportation and mobility options through the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s (MORPC) insight2050 Technical Assistance Program.

To apply, communities must provide a letter or resolution signed by the council, board of trustees, or county commissioners in support of the TA Program application as part of the competitive application, which is due by 5 p.m. on September 27.

Insight2050 is a collaborative initiative designed to help communities proactively plan for development and population growth over the next 30-plus years that is expected to be dramatically different from the past.

The Technical Assistance Program provides staff assistance to MORPC-member communities within the boundaries of the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for sustainable transportation and community development plans related to the findings of insight2050 Scenario Results report.

Most applications are expected to fall into one of several pre-determined project types (Complete Streets, First-Last Mile, Low-Impact Transportation, Curbside Management, Shared Mobility, or Conceptual Development Framework). A pre-application process for proposals that combine or do not fall into the predetermined types ended in early August, and MORPC received Intent to Apply notifications from two Central Ohio communities.

The program services are intended to help communities:

  • Increase multimodal transportation options within their community
  • Enhance quality of life by improving mobility, accessibility, safety, and reducing the negative public health impacts of transportation
  • Improve connectivity to community assets and support reinvestment in underutilized properties through infill and redevelopment planning
  • Prepare for emerging transportation by leveraging technology and infrastructure to maximize safety, sustainability, affordability, equity, and quality of life for all residents

For more information about the anticipated project types and technical assistance services offered, please contact Tobi Otulana at [email protected] or click here.